Rainbow Moonstone Deluxe Crystal Candle

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Looking for a mix of crystals for your candle or something other than Rainbow Moonstone then please drop a message with your request as we have a lot of crystals behind the scenes as well & would be more than happy to fulfill your requests.


 The technical name of rainbow moonstone is labradorite, and despite what its name would suggest, it’s actually not the same as true moonstone, which is technically called orthoclase.

They are related, and have similar looks, both seeming to give off an internal glow, and their powers are very similar.

However, rainbow moonstone has an added energy that brings light into your mental and spiritual life, and will help guide you through difficult psychic situations, as well as a unique connection to the divine feminine.

The unique colouration and appearance of this soft, semi-transparent form of moonstone is caused by the way that the mineral is formed.

Two different types of feldspar mix together, and then, as the mineral cools, arrange themselves in alternating layers.

These layers scatter light, unlike most stones, which either absorb light or let light pass through them completely.

This is what leads to the appearance of glowing from within.

Rainbow moonstone is found all over the world, with significant deposits in Canada, Australia, India, Madagascar, Russia, and Sri Lanka, among others.

Because it is a form of feldspar, and feldspar is the mineral that makes up 60% of the Earth’s crust, small pieces are very easy to find, although larger ones are rarer.

All of my candles are hand crafted with only the best premium Coconut Soy Wax.

It's all about igniting that wick, sitting back relaxing while watching that flame flicker, taking your senses on a journey. ahhh the serenity.

New to our range of decadent candles are our White Diamond Candles, housed in an intricate white diamond cut glass jar and hand poured using premium coconut soy wax, for a clean burn. 

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As with all our Glass Range utilises a hand mould production process rather than blown or machine automation – this ensures our Glass Range are stronger, safer and have greater heat resistance than others on the market.


  • Rainbow Moonstone Gems
  • Burn time approx 60 - 65 hours 
  • External Dimensions: 10.5cm Height x 10cm Width (inside diameter 8cm)
  • Vessel capacity: 400 gms
  • Comes beautifully gift boxed 
  • Note: Not dishwasher safe, we recommend a damp cloth to wipe any excess dust from the inside only.