Rose Quartz/Amethyst/Amazonite & Aquamarine Bracelets 1 each - Crystal Jewellery

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Rose Quartz

Vibrates to number 7

Astrological sign of Cancer

Heart and Crowne Chakras

“Stone of Gentle Love”


Rose Quartz emits a calming, cooling energy which can work on all the chakras to gently remove negativity and to reinstate the loving, gentle forces of self-love.  It provides the message that there is no need for haste in any situation, bringing calmness and clarity to the emotions and restoring the mind to harmony after chaotic or crisis situations.


The mineral is especially helpful at the locations of the heart and the crown chakras.  The energy is soft and silky, producing a gentleness from without and from within the user.  It has been known as a “stone of gentle love”, bringing peace/calm to relationships.


Rose Quartz is an excellent energy for spiritual attunement to the energy of love.  It also provides for balancing of yin-yang energy and attunes each chakra to, and provides each chakra with, the proper frequency of energy vibration.




Amazonite is a wonderful healer for the emotional body. It soothes trauma and calms the mind, alleviates worry and fear, and directs anger and irritability into more positive action. It regulates the aggressive aspects of one’s personality and urges the mind to seek emotional balance.

Amazonite increases self-esteem, especially in women, and reduces tendencies to self-neglect. It enhances the ability to communicate more effectively by identifying how one’s words have created the current reality, and how to change one’s vocabulary to reflect a higher, more aligned reality. It also empowers one to set appropriate boundaries, inwardly in self-discipline, and with others in establishing healthy relationships.


When using Aquamarine stones, it is ideal for wearing them in jewelry close to the skin, such as necklaces, rings, or bracelets.

This way, the stone’s power can have a direct connection to the energies of your body and surround you with its protective and supportive energy.

Activating these powerful yet tender metaphysical properties of Aquamarine will feel as effortless as stepping down a gentle staircase into a warm lagoon.


The eye-catching amethyst crystals have a long history of meanings and properties, all of which are positive, as they were known to bring forth the purest aspirations of human kind. 

Amethyst derives its name from the Greek word ametusthos which means ‘not intoxicated’. For centuries, Amethyst has been thought to be useful in the prevention of drunkenness and overindulgence, which is why ancient Greeks wore amethyst and carved out drinking vessels from it. 

Amethyst meaning differed throughout the ages and cultures and that’s why Feng Shui meaning of amethyst crystal differs and is focused on the wealth enhancement. It was also used in ancient China as a powerful tool to clear negative energy and drive away the hazards of everyday life.