Tourmalated Quartz Palm Stones - Crystal Carvings

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Tourmalated Quartz Meaning

The name “tourmaline” comes from the word tōramalli, a Sinhalese term meaning “mixed gems.” The word tōramalli was the Sri Lankan way of referring to any colored gemstone. 

“Tourmaline” wasn’t used for the specific mineral until 1766, when Swedish mineralogist Sven Rinmann officially identified it. 

Scholars aren’t 100% sure where the word “quartz” comes from, but the most likely etymology is the word querklufterz. Querklufterz derives from a language used in the Middle Ages called Old Saxon, and it means “cross vein ore.” 

Clear quartz is a symbol of abundance and purity. It’s often seen as a pillar of light, sometimes symbolizing the sun itself and the vitality it provides.

Now, tourmaline meaning is tied to grounding and mindfulness. The same applies to tourmalated quartz meaning. Mindfulness is a transformative holistic modality that can actually change your brain chemistry for the better! Besides, getting lost inside tourmalated quartz’s mesmerizing patterns is a great way to unwind.

In Feng Shui, tourmaline can cleanse and purify a space. Clear quartz’s benefits in feng shui include harmonizing and amplifying energies. The same goes for any gemstone, so clear quartz can amplify tourmaline’s cleansing properties to create the perfect zen zone.

Moreover, tourmaline is considered a lucky stone, so amplify that with clear quartz? You get a perfect good luck charm in the tourmalated quartz stone!

Tourmalated quartz’s symbolism ties into its myriad of benefits, if you know how to use it. So how do you use tourmalated quartz?

Tourmalated Quartz Spiritual and Healing Properties

Tourmalated quartz is a healing stone for grounding, protection, and balance. These properties interweave together to keep you present while protecting you from any negativity swirling around you.

For physical healing, tourmalated quartz can help with digestive issues like heartburn or the stomach flu. Additionally, the stone is purported to help restore the nervous system and heal wounds.  

Do you tend to absorb other people’s emotions? Tourmalated quartz can help you balance your natural empathy. By soaking up negative energies, tourmalated quartz can help you feel less overwhelmed. The stone’s grounding properties are a great tool for empaths, who can further benefit from practicing mindfulness in their day-to-day life.

Mindfulness and meditation often go hand in hand. One of the best methods for spiritual meditation? Chakra healing!

weigh between 50-65g each and measure 6cmL x 4cmW approx